1. Production to order, Jock Straps S

Production to order, Jock Straps S

  • Production to order, Jock Straps S

Using spandex, our underwear is very soft and glossy like silk, providing a very comfortable fit with highly stretchable feature. Athletes all over the world love our underwear. Get a pair of made-in-Japan men’s underwear from Tyler Bold, the high-quality pair will change your life for the better. We ship worldwide from Japan.

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*This product is a Production to order.
This product is Production to order and a shipping becomes before or after 90 days. Payments are payment in advances. We change the design of a waistbelt without a previous notice. Since it is a Production to order, you cannot do the cancel after an order. Only the person who understood the above-mentioned contents accepts an order.

*Please be careful
Products updated before February 17, 2021 are listed in each size category. Products updated after February 17, 2021 are listed in the All Size category.

There are a product in which our shipping is possible to a business day, and a product of a Production to order which I ship around the 90 days from a date of order. Please be sure to place an order, after confirming Shipment date Target of a product representation. Since the product of a Production to order explains the rule of a Production to order, please check and order it.

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